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Local and Provincial PPE Suppliers

To reopen safely please follow government rules and regulations set out in the stages stated on Here is a list of local PPE suppliers to help you follow those rules. Good Luck everyone! Here is a list of PROVINCIAL PPE suppliers to help you follow those rules. Workplace PPE Supplier Directory Shareable English Face Shield Face Mask Sanitizer

When Life Gives You Lemons – Dealing with Grief During COVID19

It can feel like opening Pandora’s Box when we start acknowledging and giving our emotions – particularly our negative ones – their rightful place in our lives. But denying them is even more dangerous. So, what do you do when your world gets turned upside-down? You learn how to grieve change, loss and what can feel like your shrinking world. Loss and it’s associated changes come to us in many ways. Sometimes it’s the loss of a relationship, job or loved one or a life change, like the pandemic that we are in. It could be losing a physical or mental ability. Learning to recognize and grieve loss and change is an important skill. When you learn to accept it, you will discover that while loss and change will bring sadness, disappointment and stress, they can also bring you new opportunities and strength. Register Here for Online Class [...]

Managing Remote Teams Online Class

Many managers and leaders rely on proximity as a means of directing, motivating and connecting with their teams without even realizing it. Furthermore, team members being close to one another has naturally led to increased communication and collaboration. However, when the team is separate, our dependence on physical closeness becomes painfully clear. If you now find yourself managing a remote team, you face some unique challenges. How do you keep people on task? How do you grow and maintain trust? How do you ensure people are motivated? How do you show appreciation? How do you keep the social connections that are so important to engagement alive? Join our online class on managing remote teams and learn how to overcome these and many other challenges. Register Here For Online Course

Managing Uncertainty Online Course Series

Worry, anxiety and uncertainty are all normal feelings. At times, you may feel overwhelmed by the circumstances you find yourself in. It would be wasted energy to try and avoid situations that might bring you doubt or unpredictability. What you can do, however, is prepare yourself to handle the feelings that accompany these times. Trish Tutton will provide you with the information, tools and techniques to take what can often seem like a chaotic world and bring more peace and happiness to your life. Register For Course Here