Tips for Starting Your Small Business in Eastern Ontario

Tips for Starting Your Small Business in Eastern Ontario

It’s an exciting process but starting a small business in Eastern Ontario can be a challenge for those with limited market experience. It’s important to learn more from those who have helped others through this process. And so, within this latest post, our team at Leeds Grenville Small Business Enterprise Centre explains more on their tips for starting a small business in Ontario.

Consider Both Short-Term and Long-Term Goals

Most business owners in Ontario think only of the long-term goal for their small business, but there are many steps to take before this long-term goal is achieved. At the start of operations, it’s important to think mostly in small steps. What will the company look like in a month? How can we reach the maximum number of qualified customers in the coming weeks? Answering these questions and building short-term objective can ensure companies achieve scalable growth ready for tackling long-term objectives.

Get a Referral to Funding Sources

An important element in building an effective business is financing. Small business developers should consider getting a referral from a local business center to access funding sources. For example, the team at Leeds Grenville Small Business Enterprise Centre can help link companies to numerous funding sources, and guide them in finding avenues for potential growth into the future.

Build the Business Network

The network around a company, including its community, its customers and team members, is central to long-term business success. In this day and age, one of the best ways to build a network and develop a following is to build a social media profile. Company leaders should introduce their team via the profile and post numerous times per week to keep potential customers updated on their products and services. Another great way to build a business network is through community work. Consider sponsoring local events and introducing the company to the organizational leaders within the local area.

Our trusted team at Leeds Grenville Small Business Enterprise Centre is here to guide you in building your small Ontario business! To learn more about this process and the potential opportunities available to you, contact us today!

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