The (Not So) Secret Trick to Growing a Business in Ontario

The (Not So) Secret Trick to Growing a Business in Ontario

Here at Leeds Grenville Small Business Enterprise Centre, we are dedicated to helping small businesses grow. And through all of our experience, one thing stands out as the best way of growing a business: Improving sales.

All businesses, regardless of industry, rely on healthy sales to succeed and grow. However, all too often, small businesses fail to focus enough time and resources on this vital business task, leading to profit slumps, slow product turnover, and stalled income growth. Depending on the business’s stage of development, business owners should focus between 30% (for established) and 80% (for startups) of their time on improving sales.

Why are Sales so Important?

Sales are the single most important aspect of a business because without them, the business simply wouldn’t work. Even if you’re not selling a product, you are still selling something, be it your time, experience, or skills. It is how you make your money and the more you focus on building these sales, the quicker your business will grow.

Sales Tasks All Businesses Should Do

When it comes to building your business’s sales, there are a few tasks all businesses should do regardless of industry, including:

  • Develop a business plan
  • Attend sales seminars (Even those outside the “sales” industry.)
  • Prospect new sales leads
  • Engage past and current customers

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Even if you are on point with the right sales focus, if you’re making these common mistakes, your business growth may stagnate.

  • Not considering your customers’ needs
  • Judging customers too quickly
  • Not asking for the sale
  • Failure to follow up on leads
  • Focus on price instead of benefits

Where to Go for Help

Growing a business, especially a small business in Ontario, takes time, dedication, and focus. However, many business owners lack the time, resources, or skills to maintain healthy sales numbers. Thankfully, there are a number of resources available to help small businesses. Leeds Grenville Small Business Enterprise Centre is just one such free resource for business owners in the Ontario area.

We are passionate about helping small businesses grow and work with several area partners to provide valuable information, education, and help to businesses from all industries. Don’t wait, contact the experienced team at Leeds Grenville Small Business Enterprise Centre today for a free business consultation and learn how we can help boost your sales and improve your bottom line.

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