Ten Best Ideas for Small Businesses in Ontario for 2017

Ten Best Ideas for Small Businesses in Ontario for 2017

If you’re looking for ideas to create a small business in Ontario, LGSBEC has created a list of ideas that are perfect for people of all backgrounds and goals. Nowadays, there are thousands of small businesses making a name for themselves every year. Your dream is possible, as long as you plan! Here are ten of the best ideas for a small business in Ontario.

  1. Seamstress/ Tailor/ Leather Repair

If you have craftwork skills you might consider a material repair or seamstress business. This type of business is simple to begin and can become lucrative over a short period of time.

  1. Original Art Creations

Quality artwork is a prized possession for thousands. Flexing your creative muscles with sketches or clay pottery can help you build a small income from your home. Try to connect with local store owners after you’ve built a reputation, in order to build your retail client base.

  1. Dog Walking Business

It’s an unfortunate fact that most of us don’t have as much time to spend with our pets as we would like. You can capitalize on the busy nature of today’s working environment by offering dog walking services throughout your city. It’s a great way to earn extra income and stay fit!

  1. Open a specialized bakery

There are so many people who are on specialized diets and are still looking for a bite of something sweet to eat. Open a bakery that caters to specialized diets (veganism, gluten free, low sugar, low sodium) and watch the clients flow in!

  1. Seniors Transportation services

Our population is aging rapidly and this is creating a demand for services for seniors. Offer transportation services in your town and you’ll quickly discover there are hundreds of people that require transportation on a daily basis.

  1. Gardening Service

With so many people now unable to attend to their gardens because of their working schedule, you have a great opportunity to practice your gardening skills and attend to community needs within your town. Whether it’s simple work such as lawnmowing or weed pulling, or more complex jobs such as branch cutting, you can become an essential service provider in your town by offering gardening expertise.

  1. Natural repellents & skin care products

The move towards natural products within the retail space means thousands of people are now seeking high quality skin care items that are chemical-free. You have the entire Google database available to guide you in creating quality, natural skin-care products. An entire market simply waiting for their ideal beauty items.

  1. Exterior Maintenance & Odd Jobs

With the real estate marketplace rising across the country, the demand for building maintenance teams is rising as well. If you have any experience in maintaining heating, air conditioning or plumbing systems, you can quickly take on jobs throughout your town. It’s an industry in which quality work is soon recognized and rewarded.

  1. Travelling Salon

Today’s generation of consumer is committed to convenience. They’re used to being able call a taxi from the touch of a button, order food through an app on their phone and quickly get access to all available information. Appeal to the convenience-focused consumer by providing them with at-home salon services. You’ll save on having to own a retail space and you’ll soon be able to expand your business throughout the local areas.

  1. Cleaning business

Cleaning is such a boring task that many homeowners don’t enjoy doing, so they pay other people to do it for them. Businesses and homes will always need to be cleaned, so this is a business that will bring you in a steady stream of income.


LGSBEC is here to help you begin your business in Ontario. Our tutoring and other services mainly impact the great Leeds-Grenville area and are completely free. If you’re reading to start planning for your small business in Ontario, contact us today for a free one-on-one consultation!

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