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Madelyn Piehl

They helped me think like a CEO.

Madelyn Piehl wanted to fill a void in the funeral market for people who want direct cremation or burial at a minimal cost. Having worked for several years for other area funeral services, she started her own business, Eternal Care Cremation, in 2013.

“At the time, I was part of the SEB (Self Employment Benefit) program,” recalls Piehl, “I attended a youth entrepreneurship session hosted by the Small Business Enterprise Centre, and met Wendy and Jeanette.” She signed up for Starter Company in 2015.

“Wendy & Jeanette are quite a dynamic Duo!” says, Madelyn. “They make sure you receive valuable exposure to established business contacts – a huge plus when you’re young and starting out. It’s great to have Wendy & Jeanette vouch for you. They are very encouraging!”

Today, what makes her service unique is the provision of bio-cremation – a more environmentally-friendly process that people are increasingly interested in. She recently signed on as a rep for Hilton’s Aquagreen Disposition in Smiths Falls.

As a licensed funeral director, Madelyn offers at-home arrangement and follow up support at no extra cost. She also offers families the use of a custom-made urn ark for ceremonial and celebration purposes.

“Through the Starter Company program, Wendy and Jeanette help you prioritize your goals and focus on your business needs. They helped me think like a CEO.”

About Eternal Care

Eternal Care Cremation is dedicated to providing families an affordable, modest and respectful alternative to existing funeral services; based on simplicity, lower costs and eco-friendly solutions.

Madelyn Piehl, Owner
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