Growing a Business: How to Name Your Business for Success in All Stages

Growing a Business: How to Name Your Business for Success in All Stages

Choosing a name for your business requires much thought and planning. It is the first point of symbolic contact your customers will have with your business, besides a logo. Naming a business successfully is an important initial step in growing a business to meet your goals.

The Leeds Grenville Small Business Enterprise Centre has put together a guide to successfully choosing a big name for your small business:

Your name should say who you are and what you do

Your name defines your business. Although it is your duty to build the reputation of that name to be synonymous with good services, the initial connection of your name to a listener’s ears should already hint at the services you provide. It’s true that long names will often be shortened in everyday talk, but your full business name should not leave someone guessing at what you do.

Your name should be clear and concise

There are lots of advantages to clarity and brevity. There’s a reason people use the saying “short and sweet”. Your business name should borrow these qualities and show anyone encountering it that you get straight to the point.

Avoid use of Ontario or Canada in a business

The joining of a provincial or national nomenclature to your business name might limit your reach when you eventually start growing your business. It might also give the impression it is a government service and not a small business.

Avoid using initials only in your name

Often, it can be tempting to add just initials as your business name. Remember our first two points. Include the service you provide after your name if you choose to go that route.

Use simple words everyone knows

The average person shouldn’t have to look up the special word you chose to put in your business name. It might alienate the customer base or make them feel like your services are reserved for a particular type of clientele. As a rule of thumb, all marketing should be conveyed at a third-grade level.

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