Customer Service Tips for Small Business Owners in Ontario

Customer Service Tips for Small Business Owners in Ontario

It’s almost the Holiday season and with so many shoppers on the streets and reviewing online stores for gifts, it’s the ideal time to consider your company’s level of customer service. In this latest post, our Leeds Grenville Small Business Centre (LGSBEC) team is offering some customer service tips for small business owners in Ontario.

  • Improve self-service options

Online, the trend has been for customers to take control and reach out to companies when they need information. This trend is seeping into the retail marketplace with self-service options becoming ever more popular. Make sure you give your customers full control this Holiday season; present them with shopping cart options online and self-service checkouts in retail stores to appeal to the short-on-time modern buyer.

  • Integrate feedback

Customers are more willing than ever before to give their feedback on your products and services. Try integrating the latest feedback when implementing new Holiday promotions. Whether the feedback involves adding more product styles to the catalogue or simply adding more staff to your store on certain days, integrating this feedback now can help you appeal to your buyers when they’re most likely to be visiting your business.

  • Offer team incentives

It becomes more difficult for your team members to complete their customer service duties effectively when they’re dealing with a greater number of customers throughout the day. Make sure that you incentivize your team to work harder and to achieve their goals, by offering them clear incentives. For example, many small business owners in Ontario will offer their team additional Holiday pay for sales earned. They might also offer extra hours off in 2018 for covering more shifts during the busy holiday period.

  • Implement mobile promotions

Customers want to be able to buy products via mobile applications. They also want to be able to communicate with the company via their mobile device. Make sure that your mobile website is responsive and that customers have all the options they need to contact a sales team member via their device. Consider integrating mobile and social media support services for direct interactions within customer-facing environments.

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