Simon Thomas

The pinnacle of summer jobs in Ontario. Instead of being in an office, lab or classroom in Summer Company, the real world is your domain. This experience gives you a hands-on opportunity to test the waters of what's its like conducting business which is extremely useful. This was an amazing learning experience that you can [...]

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Colin Groenewoud 

I participated in the Starter Company Grant Program during their Spring/Summer 2015 session. I was looking to get extra financing to help with a local business I was planning to purchase. The program was extremely helpful as I got great advice and assistance from the business coaches. Through their combined experience and networks, they went [...]

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Terry-Ann Hare

With the SBEC’s services I have been able to benefit from coaches that are masters in their field. The training and knowledge that I have received has been priceless, but affordable. The coaches are professional, dedicated and motivational.  I would highly recommend the services offered by the SBEC to other entrepreneurs who aim to succeed. [...]

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Carol Palko

Approximately 6 years ago, after 13 years in business as a jeweller with my husband, I became aware of the SBEC. I realised that our business was stagnant and we desperately needed some help and the SBEC was the key to opening the door to our success. Through the SBEC, we had many hours of [...]

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