A Guide to Using Social Media for Growing a Business

Millions are using social media every day to connect, converse, and create. Social media is also the perfect marketing tool for a growing a business to maximize their brand and potential. In this latest post, we are exploring the process of business growth using social media, and we are highlighting [...]

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5 Tips for Growing a Business Through Great Goal-Setting

Whenever someone starts a business, the goal isn’t to simply stay small – growing a business is a true key to success!  Even the largest of multinational corporations once started as a handful of people -or maybe even one- in a tiny office.   Of course, growing a business takes time, effort, and -most importantly- planning. Setting [...]

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Customer Service Tips for Small Business Owners in Ontario

It’s almost the Holiday season and with so many shoppers on the streets and reviewing online stores for gifts, it’s the ideal time to consider your company’s level of customer service. In this latest post, our Leeds Grenville Small Business Centre (LGSBEC) team is offering some customer service tips for small business owners in Ontario. [...]

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Tips for Starting Your Small Business in Eastern Ontario

It’s an exciting process but starting a small business in Eastern Ontario can be a challenge for those with limited market experience. It’s important to learn more from those who have helped others through this process. And so, within this latest post, our team at Leeds Grenville Small Business Enterprise Centre explains more on their [...]

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5 Signs that You Need a Business Development Consultant in Ontario

Owning and growing a business is one of the most rewarding and frustrating endeavors you could undertake. When done right, a small business will provide you with a decent living while improving your community in some way. However, most businesses could benefit in some way from the experience and expertise of a business development consultant in [...]

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The (Not So) Secret Trick to Growing a Business in Ontario

Here at Leeds Grenville Small Business Enterprise Centre, we are dedicated to helping small businesses grow. And through all of our experience, one thing stands out as the best way of growing a business: Improving sales. All businesses, regardless of industry, rely on healthy sales to succeed and grow. However, all too often, small businesses [...]

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How to Start a Business in Ontario

Ontario continues to offer the ideal conditions for starting a business. Many local entrepreneurs have limited experience in the marketplace at the outset and require guidance in building their organization from the ground-up. To help guide you as you start on your path to success in the Ontario marketplace, we’re offering this quick guide. Here, [...]

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LGSBEC Offers Tips for Ontario Business Registration

June 22, 2017 - Brockville, Ontario-based Leeds Grenville Small Business Enterprise Centre (LGSBEC) has recently begun a campaign to guide entrepreneurs on the process of completing their Ontario business registration. The company’s team is here to help explain the process and to make sure business owners take the right steps in ensuring the success of [...]

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