A Guide to Using Social Media for Growing a Business

A Guide to Using Social Media for Growing a Business

Using Social Media for Growing a BusinessMillions are using social media every day to connect, converse, and create. Social media is also the perfect marketing tool for a growing a business to maximize their brand and potential. In this latest post, we are exploring the process of business growth using social media, and we are highlighting several tips to help your business.

Simplify messaging

Make sure that your messaging is not too complex. One of the most common mistakes companies make using social media is to throw too much information at their target audience. Keep complex wording to a minimum and use social media to connect clients to in-depth content and material.

Use consistent branding

The branding you choose for your social media when growing a business should always be consistent. Make sure the colours you choose and the profile within your social media are true to your organization and its future goals. Audiences will come to recognize your branding and treat it as a mark of integrity.

Pick two social media platforms

Companies sometimes mistakenly try to reach different audiences across a large number of social media platforms. This can often lead to miscommunication. Try to focus your efforts on one or two platforms. For example, if your goal is to build real-time conversations and gain instant feedback, you should consider Twitter. If your goal is to reach the 35-to-50-year-old audience with targeted promotions, you might make Facebook your platform of choice.

Hone your frequency of messaging

The frequency of your social media messaging should be optimized based on the platform. With messaging on Facebook or LinkedIn, you should post 3-to-5 times per week. With Twitter, you should be posting new content each day with the goal of building engagement that can potentially lead to a larger number of followers.

Commit to tracking

Tracking your social media profiles and the engagement achieved should be a leading consideration. Make sure you review the impressions you are getting and tracking what works and what does not with each audience. Review the data carefully each month to see the trends and make changes based on the actionable data revealed.

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