A Guide to Growing a Business Online

For those who have recently entered the business world, it’s a time of amazing opportunity and almost overwhelming options. Millions of people are successfully growing a business online, but it requires savvy and a good understanding of the basics of online marketing.
Knowing how to quickly establish yourself as a brand will go a long way towards creating a foundation for future success.

Top Must-Dos for Growing a Business Online Today

Consistent Branding
Growing a brand is all about having an image and sticking to it. This means having consistency in how you refer to yourself and your business, as well as visual elements in your website and marketing materials. In particular:

  • Always spell and style your business name the same way.
  • Have a single unchanging logo used on all branded materials.
  • Use a consistent tone in your writing for the website and any other outreach materials.
  • Pick a corporate color scheme with two or three main colors, and have that dominate the visual choices you make.
  • Utilize clear and clean messaging that says what you mean without obscuring the point.

Maintain a Blog
Blogs are still one of the most effective ways to simultaneously build your identity as a business, as well as leveraging search engine optimization to rank well in Google searches. The more blogs you can post (while maintaining quality content) the better, but try to have at least one per week at a bare minimum.

Deploy Landing Pages
Landing pages are pages on a website that pitch a specific offer, and are found either via Google search or on-site links/ads. These can offer anything from full product sales, to bonuses such as newsletters or exclusive e-books. Landing pages are a great way to build a database of leads, as well as getting people on your mailing list.

Go Social
Social media is increasingly how buyers – particularly those under 40 – discover and interact with new businesses. Having social media accounts on at least the major services is basically a must. It’s also a great opportunity to spread visual outreach media, like videos and infographics, which can go viral if they are of good quality.

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