How to Start a Business in Ontario in 5 Steps

If you’re interested in how to start a business in Ontario, it’s a great time for entrepreneurs. More small businesses are starting up now than ever before, and with so many new market niches to explore, many of them have great chances for success. However, no business accidentally becomes successful. Forethought, planning, and understanding the [...]

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Valuable Information for Proper Ontario Business Registration

As one of Canada’s richest and most populated provinces, Ontario is a wonderful place to start a business. More and more Ontarians are going into business for themselves every day. However, there are still procedures and regulations which must be followed. Proper Ontario business registration is a necessity to have a business which is fully [...]

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Leeds Grenville Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

In celebration of International Women’s Day, the Leeds and Grenville Small Business Enterprise Centre is pleased to announce their Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient, Mary Rae Knapp. The Lifetime Achievement Award was created to recognize a women who has been in business for many years and to celebrate her achievements as a business leader in our [...]

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5 Benefits of Working with a Business Development Consultant

Whether you’ve owned and operated your business for many years or your business is a recent startup that is in the process of entering the marketplace, you’ll likely face numerous challenges. You might face product development issues that prevent your business from growing. The challenge might be that a competitor has greater marketing resources. A [...]

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Important Things to Know About Ontario Business Registration

Are you properly registered to do business in Ontario? Under the Business Names Act, nearly all businesses in Ontario must register their corporate name with the government and receive a Master Business License. The only significant exception is if business is being conducted exclusively under the full real name(s) of the business owner(s). Otherwise, Ontario business [...]

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A Guide to Growing a Business Online

For those who have recently entered the business world, it's a time of amazing opportunity and almost overwhelming options. Millions of people are successfully growing a business online, but it requires savvy and a good understanding of the basics of online marketing. Knowing how to quickly establish yourself as a brand will go a long way towards [...]

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