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Approximately 6 years ago, after 13 years in business as a jeweller with my husband, I became aware of the SBEC. I realised that our business was stagnant and we desperately needed some help and the SBEC was the key to opening the door to our success.

Through the SBEC, we had many hours of working with business coaches, doing workshops, and participating in group training sessions.  I feel that we have now “matured”, to have a better understanding of what it is to be an entrepreneur and not to shy away from opportunities/challenges as they present.

The SBEC continues to be sensitive to the needs of local entrepreneurs. Growing with us. Helping us to be well equipped to meet future needs and challenges that face us.

I can honestly say, that we wouldn’t be realising our current growth of business if it wasn’t for the SBEC and their constant support. For this I am truly thankful.

Carol Palko
Palko Jewellery Design

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